Julie Forber, one of our Screening Nurses based at our Stoke office uses our screening van as part of her role. In this article, Julie tells us how having the screening van enhances the services that Hobson Health can offer to clients:

The screening van allows Hobson Health to provide a private, quiet, clinical area for us to provide medicals. Many companies don't have an appropriate room, particularly for audio tests so the van can provide them with this as it has an audio booth within it which is sound reducing.

We can use it for:

Audio screening

Lung function testing

HAVS assessments (Hand - Arm Vibration Syndrome)

New starter medicals

Fit for task medicals

Health promotion

As it can be moved about, it can go to a company's various sites. It has been to farms, quarries, car parks - we just need a power supply and level ground (plus toilet access!)

For more details of our services or contact details if you are interested in our screening van, please visit www.hobsonhealth.co.uk